Hello, Elkhart High School Class of 1971 Classmates. Our 45th reunion is scheduled for Friday/Saturday, August 19-20th, 2016 at Christiana Creek Country Club in Elkhart. Check the Updates-News tab above for the latest info. It’s going to be a blast!

Want to register? Click on the Registration Form tab above, then either print the form from the site or copy and paste.

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It is crucial that we get an accurate headcount of classmates interested in attending the reunion events. Please take a quick moment to update us with your contact information. You don’t have to commit to attending the reunion right now, but to receive your official invitation and all info, email us at  richfla@comcast.net    with your updated contact info to keep you informed of upcoming events. Please include your Full Name (including married name), mailing address and phone number. Please do this now. Thanks!

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